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How much will it take to data recovery from damaged hard drives
We are a multinational company dedicated to the wind generator. Each of the generators carries within it a server that stores all the information about constant speed, intensity, wind direction as well as information as a txt and ascii relating to the ambient humidity, which translates into higher energy collected. The collected are stored on a server HP Raid 1 with drive Seagate serial SCSI SAS under Win XP operating system and we believe that is corrupt. It struck causing a loss of data drive, and we need to retrieve statistical information collected. How we should wait?


Completed the process, return the hard disk managed to be able to continue working?
We are dedicated to the preventive maintenance of a broad vehicle fleet. We believe that the Compaq computer has experienced a rise in tension in the facility since it was the differential and affection to two computers with Unix drive, but there is one that we are unable to initialize. Having dismantled the Maxtor IDE hard disc, the services company, which identifies electronics presents a burn on the circuit. That is the problem. You can extract files and continue working without losing information of drive. They can retrieve it?


What volume and number of files were successfully rescued from the disk? Data Recovery Disk Drives
We work musically, for the Royal. The G5 Macintosh computer has been infected with a worm-type virus and does not allow the execution of the programmes that we have installed. We tried to install a hd Ibm SATA drive as secondary to another computer, but we do not see even the two partitions had. It has a capacity of 250 gigabytes of those who believe there are 120 Gb múscia sound and the scores generated. Before proceeding to the payment can check the information they have recovered and if they are correct or not?


Prices and Costs What it costs and how much I have to pay, if not remove anything from the disc gets damaged?
My Hewlett Packard laptop with Windows Vista does not start and can not work. Although there are records of company or corporate indirectly affect my daily management because all email performed with the outlook pst in, but the rest of my colleagues to carry express. Soil make copies of the file has more than 2Gb. My contacts, a calendar of work and personal butler service configuration for automatic responses, signatures and created formats autorespuestas. I do not operate the units, Fujitsu EIDE drive. I have received countless attachments important and while I think it is kept out of the file, if not open outlook can not read them. The service would cost me, and if prices may recover the loss in the notebook?


Location Address Where and What is the procedure for hard disk recovery? Data Recover Hard Disk Drives
As a film production company, and when we were maquetando one of the shorts where 4 minutes of video maquetado accounted 30 Gb space in the external support under linux, disappeared in the system and we are not able to access even to the original sources from which we do not have copies. The external drive is connected by firewire Dell PC. Due to time we opened the box finding external drive two in its. We connected directly to the computer but we can not see it. Where dispatched the team and whether it is necessary to send along the box that we opened usb and contenia units Samsung?


Cheking: How do I check the results of the disc are correct? Faqs:
We have a bicycle shop and hit the Acer laptop. Since then when you turn fails and fails to make a noise as rac-click-click, and we are not able to access the information. The file is based on microsoft access. We believe it is a breakdown mecáncia hard drive, Western Digital manufacturer with a capacity of 120 ATA interface, which produces data loss. If the information retrieved, it is possible that consultation tables are corrupt or not running the application. How to see that the tables and structures recovered deldisco they function within my application?

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