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Telephone can give you an orientation of its failure.
The hard disks as storage media


The recovery procedure we conduct is broken down into different sections that we show below. If you have any questions or require further information, please refer directly.

Shipment collection and crashed hard drive for data recovery.
Once the telephone contact through which we will have given him an estimate for guidance on the recovery of data from the hard drive, ask your data for the collection of support being required relating to its name, company, address, e-mail and schedule collection. To that end we pray properly packaged device using the package, wrapped in paper or similar bubbles. A courier service will be picked up in the schedule that you tell us and the day that has been requested.

Reception and Diagnostic of the fault, data recovery.
When hard disks, devices, memory cards or hard drive Raid reaching our units, we held high in our system, database, the information specified by manufacturer, model, serial No, capabilities, interface and other information concerning to work. Immediately diagnosed identifcando the root of the problem if it is a differentiating initially:

.- Logical failure to read data from your hard disk by software problems as accidental formatting, virus attack or loss of partitions and / or volumes of files, regardless of the Windows operating system, Unix, Linux, Novell, Ubuntu, or Mac
.- Ruling physical access to data on the hard disk because of a problem of temperature, thermal decompensation, broken heads, peak voltage electronics hard drives, regardless of the type of card SCSI, IDE, SAS, SATA EIDE, ATA, USB gripado motor rayadura on dishes, head crash, firmware or service area. These problems affect regardless of the manufacturer Seagate, IBM, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Western Digital (WD)

Diagnosis and Budget data recovery.
After his diagnosis send you by e-mail data on the outcome, indicating origin of the fault or abnormality with your hard disk, process time as program production hatualmente is between 5 and 7 days without exception, estimated percentage of probabilities recovery of the data, and closed price of the service. If necsario an emergency room price will vary if it involves night hours, weekends and / or holidays. Check and analyze data from our prices.

Acceptance of the budget for the r data recovery from the hard drive.
Acceptance of the budget for the retrieval of data from the hard drive. From this moment you decide whether to accept the budget and the terms of data recovery services through pre-signed and stamped it must send by fax or otherwise rejects the budget and return the disk with the same data that we sent postage due at the written request. If you do not want it returned, we perform recycling the same or erasing data secure and complete.

Production and delivery of listing data recovery.
Accepted the budget for data recovery, it begins the process of data collection by our technicians and specialists. Extracted as much information and data we generate a list to you, by which may revise the amount of volume files and data retrieved and the quality of service through specific indications for each file its proper opening with the application that was created. Special cases of EFS encrypted data are shown in parallel but never verification will be required for the public private key that must provide the customer. Together we send as "proof of confidence" game of photographs by reduced rate with which visually check the result of the data, and always when there are pictures in the recovery of the magnetic medium. In any case and under no circumstances will be sent files and data recovered. Only after payment of the service send their data.

Checking the result of the data recovery services and payment.
After evaluating the client the result of the recovery of files and data, whether agreed with its expectation and covering their need is the service payments by bank transfer within 30 days. Otherwise, it returns the dïsco with its data intact as sent, postage due or is recycled as indicated above.

Shipment of the outcome of the retrieval of data.
For sending data, depending on the volume and if not surpass a CD or DVD support for sending data recovery will be free. If the quantity of data and information exceeds 4.7 Gigas, sending data recovery will be carried out in support or more disk capacity and higher budgeted never free, with a choice between one or the other disc according to capabilities, typology internal external box with USB removable.

Revision of labour data recovery.
Once the customer receives the device with the recovery of data and documents it is possible to revise the work may extaer any files that had not been taken into account. To do so, the discs are in our units for a period of 15 dïas. From here, and if the customer's request, will return the original device (hard disk drive - hdd), which sent us.

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