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Una conductora homicida condenada gracias a MySpace.
El 20091009

Un tribunal de California ha confirmado la condena que un jurado impuso a una conductora por causar la muerte de otro automovilista en una carrera ilegal. Un elemento probatorio ha sido un mensaje de la conductora en MySpace donde manifestaba su pasión por este tipo de carreras. Lorin Maureen Franco estaba acusada por celebrar una carrera ilegal y ha sido condenada por homicidio con negligencia. Tras frenar repentinamente provocó que el vehículo que la perseguía saliera de la ...

Replace a Laptops Crashed Hard Drive.
PC 20090817

Don Homans hard drive crashed the day after his laptops warranty expired. What should he do? Besides curse the fates and the laptop manufacturer? If you dont have an up-to-date backup, your first priority will be getting your data back. Depending on how you use your PC, that could include business documents, photos, music, email, and so on. Several companies specialize in recovering data from broken drives. I hesitate to recommend one because Ive never needed one myself and theres no practical way to test them. But I can say that Ontrack and DriveSavers have long and mostly positive reputations. Recovery could cost you thousands of dollars, but thats the price of not backing up. If you decide to get into the backup habit, see Whats the Best Way to Backup What I Need to Backup? So, on to replacing the drive, itself: Assuming its a standard laptop SATA drive, physically replacing it should be easy. I cant give you exact directions because they vary from one company and model to another, but replacing a laptop hard drive is usually pretty simple. Check the models documentation or ...

PC World helps you sort out the features that matter -- and those that don't. .
PC 20090825

Introduction Digital photography keeps getting better. Higher-resolution images, sophisticated but easy-to-use controls, higher optical zoom levels, and better technology all make taking great pictures--and shooting video with the same camera--easier than ever. The Big Picture From resolution to storage and from exposure control to white balance, well explain the digital camera terms you need to know. more The Specs Explained Buying a digital camera isnt all about megapixels. Well translate the jargon and tell you just how important each specificatio ...

Netbooks Propel Global Semiconductor Sales.
PC 20091004

Chip sales are growing by the month, partly driven by growing netbook sales and falling laptop prices, market research firms said on Friday. Global semiconductor sales grew by 5 percent from July to August as consumers picked up more laptops, especially netbooks, said the Semiconductor Industry Association in a study. Consumers are drawn to the lower prices of netbooks, which account for close to 17 percent of total laptop unit shipments worldwide, SIA said. Growing sales of netbook personal computers . . . have created an important new market segment, filling a gap between smart cell phones and conventional laptop PCs, said George Scalise, president of SIA. Netbooks have small screens and keyboards and are designed to run basic Internet and productivity applications. Laptop prices have fallen by close to 14 percent compared to last year and the memory used in these devices has increased 25 percent, SIA said. That has contributed to growing chip sales, which totaled $19. 1 billion in August. Semiconductor sales also rose in July compared to June, iSuppli said on Friday. The August sales growth points to a slow recovery from the steepest downturn the industry has faced in close to a decade, the research firm said. Semiconductor sales grew across all major regions, with the Americas recording 5. 4 percent growth and sales in Asia-Pacific growing by 5. 3 percent. Consumer electronics -- including mobile phones and laptops -- accounted for a bulk of the semiconductor sales. Semiconductors like processors, and storage devices like flash memory go into devices such as PCs and cell phones. Semiconductor sales to the consumer electronics sector increased by about 28 percent in the third quarter compared to the second quarter, iSuppli said in a statement. This reveals a pattern of solid sequential growth for the first two months of the third quart ...

More on Image Backups.
PC 20090729

Mike Bell asked the Answer Line forum what an image backup actually backs up. I offer more advise than he asked for. An image backup is supposed to back up everything on the hard disk drive or a particular partition (depending on what options you used in creating the backup). That includes system files, hidden files, errors, and maybe even the boot sector. Restoring from one should restore Windows and your installed applications to their exact condition when the backup was made. The problem (assuming you dont have a separate data partition), is that your data will also be restored to what it was when you made the backup, losing every document and photo you created since. Therefore, you need a separate backup of your data, which doesnt have to be an image backup. How accurately do images recreate your drive? Accurate enough to test defraggers (Ive done it). Restoring an image not only recreates the files--including system and hidden files--on the drive, but even their fragmentation. I recommend making an image backup when youre almost done setting up a new computer. Do it after you remove the junk, customize Windows, install the programs you want, and set up the network and the users, but before youve migrated your data from the old PC. That should keep the image down to a manageable size, and you ...

Judge Rules Against RealDVD Movie Copying Software.
PC 20090814

RealNetworks may have lost its bid to sell software that lets people copy DVD movies to their computer hard drive after a ruling on Tuesday. Judge Marilyn Patel of the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California granted a preliminary injunction against the sale of RealDVD, extending a temporary injunction that has been in place ever since several Hollywood studios, including Paramount, Sony, Universal Studios and Walt Disney filed suit against RealNetworks last September. In a 58-page ruling that negates most of RealNetworks argument in favor of RealDVD and appears to lay the groundwork for a final ruling, Patel said that despite the convenience RealDVD may offer users to back-up their movies, the software violates federal law and the CSS (content scramble system) license agreement RealNetworks signed with the DVD Copy Control Association. As a licensee to the [CSS] Agreement, Real had no authority to make RealDVD products that copy DVD content, wrote Patel, who also presided over the Napster music sharing case in 2001. Other courts have come to this same conclusion. . . The RealDVD products, by their very nature, open a veritable Pandoras box of liability for Real. The case will now go to trial, although no date has been set. RealNetworks has argued that RealDVD is an attempt to make a law-abiding way for people to back-up their home DVD movie collections on a hard drive, far different from the many DVD copying software packages available at the snap of a Google search, which can decrypt movies. CSS was cracked a decade ago. RealDVD, which was briefly on sale for US$30, prevents users f ...

Jessica Biel, un peligro para los ordenadores.
Europa 20090825

    MADRID, 25 Ago. (EUROPA PRESS)    Si entráramos en cualquier buscador de internet y clickearamos el nombre de Jessica Biel existiría una posibilidad entre cinco de que resultaramos infectados por un virus. La actriz es la celebrity con más riesgo en Internet. Un dudoso honor que Biel ha arrebatado este año a Brad Pitt, que según un estudio de la empresa de seguridad en Internet McAfee fue el famoso con mayor ciberpeligro de 2008.     Por tercer año consecutivo, McAfee ha investigado qué famosos son los más peligrosos para la salud de los ordenadores, los que más webs con contenidos como spyware, adware, spam, phising o virus arrastran. Así, Jessica Biel es la famosa que más peligro entraña ya que es más que probable que cualquier búsqueda con su nombre en Internet nos lleve a una página dañina para la seguridad del ordenador.     La obsesión de los consumidores por las noticias de famosos y la cultura es inofensiva en teoría, pero una mala descarga puede provocar muchos daños en un ordenador señaló Jeff Green, de McAfee. Detrás de cualquier web sobre un famoso puede haber un peligro potencial en forma de politono, salvapantallas o simple información.     La medalla de plata se la cuelga ...

Fifth-Generation iPod Nano.
PC 20090914

Weird but true: For Apple, 2009 has turned out to be the year of inner beauty. Most of the companys new products, including the iPhone 3GS and the latest MacBooks, are virtually indistinguishable from their predecessors, but which pack meaningful improvements inside. The trend continues with the fifth-generation iPod Nano. For the first time, Apples annual reinvention of its most popular music player isnt about aesthetics-in fact, the new Nano is the same size as the old one and differs visually only its slightly larger screen and slightly smaller clickwheel, the camera on its backside, and the slicker and more vividly colorful (and, Im hoping, more scratch-resistant) finish on its aluminum case. But the latest Nano carries more new features than any of more outwardly revised predecessors. (See Related:Head-to-Head: iPod Nano Video vs. Pocket Camcorders ) In fact, this is the first Nano that feels a little less like a music player and a little more like a Swiss Army Knife. Much of what Apple has added has nothing to do with music: The Nano is now a video camera, a stand-alone voice recorder, and a pedometer. And the major new music feature-an FM radio-is so retro that Id long ago assumed that Apple w ...

Developers Salivating Over Twitters Geolocation Plans.
PC 20090826

Twitters plans to let its users attach geographic coordinates to their messages have external developers very interested at the possibilities this new geolocation functionality will open up for their applications. By the companys own admission, geotagging in the popular microblogging and social-networking service has been a rudimentary and inexact affair, dependent on a text field that users can leave blank or fill in with anything they like. However, Twitter announced last week that it will soon let users stamp their postings with precise location data, and give external developers access to that data via a new geolocation API (application programming interface. )The news has thrown many developers into an intense brainstorming mode, thinking up ways to enhance existing applications and build new ones that use this location data. Michael OConnor is extremely excited about the potential of the Twitter geolocation API to enhance his application Myallo HotList, which is awaiting approval for the iPhone application store. Myallo HotList shows the locations of users friends and favorite places on a radar-style map, whose blips change color -- from bright red to light blue, with shades of orange, yellow and gray in between -- to reflect their hotness depending on how close or far they are. The location data comes from the one stated on Twitter profiles. Thats why Twitters improvements in geolocation mean so much to me. The more people who report their locations on Twitter, and the more timely those locations, the better and more accurate Myallo HotList will get, said OConnor, president and developer at Leptonic Systems, in an e-mail interview. OConnor expects that the geolocation API will make it easier for his application to determine whether a location is exact, vague, or just a funny phrase. It will also be useful to know the date and time of a geotagged Twitter message. With each tweet, a location, date and time could be available, and you could map the route of a person as they travel, OConnor said, adding that he has no current plans to add this to his application. One feature he does expect will be enhanced is Myallo HotLists ability to discover nearby entities by calling up data from the Yelp customer reviews site and displaying them as hotter or colder on the map based on distance and reviews. It appears I can do a very similar thing with Twitter. I could have it scan for nearby tweets and put them on the radar. And the contents of the tweet and/or profile could help rate the hotness of the person, said OConnor. For example, if a user has told the app that he is interested in tweets related to iPhone, and a nearby user sends a Twitter message such as I like my new iPhone, it might highlight that person with this similar interest in the neighborhood. Finally, I think this will encourage many more people to include location information. The more the merrier! he said. Twitters geolocation functionality could have a significant impact on developers and users, because it ...

Access Server-Hosted Windows Applications Anywhere.
PC 20090822

Access Server-Hosted Windows Applications Anywhere Latest The Cost Cutter Posts: Saturday, August 22, 2009 Access Server-Hosted Windows Applications Anywhere Thursday, August 20, 2009 Flight Delay Predictor Saves Airport Time and Hassle Sunday, August 16, 2009 Freelance Marketplace Connects Workers and Businesses Worldwide Saturday, August 15, 2009 Keep Your PBX, But Save With SIP Phone Calls Wednesday, August 12, 2009 $599 All-You-Can-Fly JetBlue Deal Relaunches Business Travel All The Cost Cutter Posts More Business Center Blogs You probably run Office and other software directly from a PC hard drive. But server-side tools can put any Windows application into the cloud, keeping virtual instances of your applications ready at any time. This nimble system lets you log into your software from any PC--and even smartphones--expanding the places you can work, allowing for quicker setup, and often saving money on software costs. Citrix makes a few of these server- and client-side tools that to virtualize any Windows application. Medium- and large-sized businesses likely have the infrastructure and IT staff to support this process, letting companies install XenApp, the cornerstone of Citrixs virtual application process. Citrix says that the software will essentially support any Windows application, although companies might be limited by licensing issues, since you typically buy software for each desktop system. Microsoft sells monthly licenses for its applications, but you should check with other mission-critical companies if youre pondering this process. On the PC client side, youll download Citrix Receiver, with main versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Citrix offers a Linux version, but the company says that it lags behind the other editions, ...

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