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Youtube negocia alquilar películas mediante descarga.
El 20090905

YouTube, la más popular web de vídeos, negocia la distribución por internet de películas alquiladas con algunos de los grandes estudios cinematográficos de Estados Unidos, según han informado fuentes cercanas al proceso. YouTube, recientemente adquirida por el gigante de búsquedas Google Inc, mantiene conversaciones para alquilar películas a usuarios a través de descargas por internet con Lions Gate Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer y Time Warner. Este acuerdo, según explica el diario The Wall Street Journal, podría paliar las pérdidas que Hollywood registra en las ventas de DVD. Si las conversaciones son fructíferas, el público podría, por una tarifa, ver por internet películas exitosas como Resacón en las Vegas quizá tan pronto como salga a la venta en DVD, añade el diario. Así, se trataría de un sistema similar a los programas de alquiler por internet de iTunes de Apple. Sería la primera vez que YouTube, con más de 100 millones de usuarios únicos en enero, cobra a los usuarios por ver vídeos. En la actualidad, el primer sitio de vídeo por internet del mundo ofrece toda su videoteca gratis y obtiene sus beneficios de la publicidad. Ya existe, pero no de filmes nuevosLa web ya tiene una serie de películas de archivo, programas de ...

Will RockMelt Browser Become Facebook Operating System?.
PC 20090817

Will RockMelt Browser Become Facebook Operating System? Latest Tech Inciter Posts: Monday, August 17, 2009 Will RockMelt Browser Become Facebook Operating System? Monday, August 17, 2009 TomTom For iPhone Spells An End To Standalone GPS Monday, August 17, 2009 Facebook Nears "Must-Use" Status, with eBay and Amazon Friday, August 14, 2009 New Office 2010 Is Proof Microsoft Sabotaged Macintosh Thursday, August 13, 2009 Has Phil Schiller Become Steve Jobs' "Good Twin"? All Tech Inciter Posts More Business Center Blogs Nobody who really knows is talking about what RockMelts browser will actually do, but I have an idea: It will be an applications platform more than merely a way to surf the web. And it may even become an operating system for Facebook users. How do I know this? Well, there are the hints of a linkage to Facebook, but there is also the larger trend toward cloud-based applications, some of might benefit from additional browser features. There is also the announcement of Google Chrome OS, which blurs the line between browser and operating system. And dont forget the battle between Google Docs and Microsoft Office over Web-based productivity suites. My sense is that Chrome OS will be aimed more at business applications, while Microsoft will move toward browser-as-operating-system as slowly as the market allows. I am not sure what happens to Firefox in this scenario, but I expect it to learn to play as an applications platform, too. It already supports a large number of add-ons. RockMelt could become a browser that supports new social networking applications within the browser rather than online. It could, for example, include features like StumbleUpons URL sharing and FriendFeeds aggregation within th ...

To Fight Worms, Use Ants.
PC 20090926

To combat worms, Trojans and other malware, a team of security researchers wants to use ants. Not the actual live insects, of course, but computer programs modeled to act like ants in the way they roam a network and search for anomalies. Ants arent intelligent, says Glenn Fink, a senior research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who came up with the idea for the project, but as a colony ants exert some very intelligent behavior. According to Fink and one of his project partners, associate professor Errin Fulp of Wake Forest University, their in-the-works project uses distributed data-collecting sensors that are modeled after the six-legged natural creatures. But where ants may leave scent trails to guide other ants to a discovered threat or food source, Finks sensors pass along collected data to other sensors in an attempt to identify anomalous behavior that may signal a malware infection in a large-scale netw ...

Sharp presenta diodo láser que permitirá Blu-rays de 100GB.
The 20090923

Sharp presenta diodo láser que permitirá Blu-rays de 100GBpor : Jesús Maturana: 12 Sep 2009, 11:55 Sharp ha demostrado en el 70th Autumn Meeting de la Japan Society of Applied Physics un nuevo diodo láser azul-violeta que permite trabajar de forma eficiente al doble de profundidad que en los Blu-rays de doble capa. Ello abre la puerta a discos de 75 y 100 GB entre otras cosas. Ello es posible gracias a la mayor potencia del mismo, llegando a 500mW y a la integración de una n ...

Meet Googles Data Liberation Front.
PC 20090916

You say you want a revolution? Googles hoping you do -- at least, when it comes to being able to take your cloud-stored data wherever you want. The G-Team has just officially revealed a dramatic-sounding group called the Data Liberation Front. Translated out of Hollywood-speak, the Data Liberation Front is part of a Google-based movement to let you import and export your personal information from Googles online services without a hassle. And, suffice it to say, the DL (as its being abbreviated) is no longer being kept on the DL (down-low). Googles Data Liberation Front Google started widely promoting its Data Liberation Front Monday, though the group has been in existence for some time. Already, the DL is working to help you liberate your data from Googles various products; in fact, numerous Google services are already set up for painless exporting, including Gmail, Blogger, and Google Reader. Said simply, a liberated product is one which has built-in features that make it easy (and free) to remove your data from the product in the event that youd like to take it elsewhere, Google Data Liberation Engineering Manager Brian Fitzpatrick explains. Up next, the DL plans to focus on Google Sites and Google Docs, allowing you to grab your info out of the services with a single batch export. Its set up a new Web site and Twitter account to let you keep track of its progress. The Low-Down on the DL All right, so whats really at play here? Why is Google making such a big deal out of letting you move your stuff out of its services? As the company explains it, the concept is part of Googles push to create an open Web with open standards. Certainly, Googles moved in that direction before (see: open mobile system, Android vs. anything-but-open mobile system, Apple). But this is a far more pronounced step, with a focus that almost seems to encourage you to pack up and say so long. So whats up? The truth, in all likelihood, is that the Apple ...

Life After 1 TB: Seven Hard Disk Drives with 1. 5 TB and 2 TB Storage Capacity.
Xbit 20090816

Some three months ago we welcomed early hard disk drives based on 500GB platters but now the situation is completely different. 1. 5- and 2-terabyte models from Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital are all available for purchase today, even though all of them belong to power-efficient series with reduced spindle rotation speed. At the time of our writing this, Seagates Barracuda 7200. 12 is the only series that has a spindle speed of 7200rpm and 500GB platters, but its maximum capacity is 1TB. If you want more storage space, you have to put up with the lower spindle speed. Such HDDs can actually make a very good second hard disk for storing data only. You dont need high performance from such a disk whereas the lower power consumption and heat dissipation would come in handy. This lucky combination of large capacity and low heat dissipation makes these HDDs suitable for modestly loaded file servers and for household electronics (it is always better to have the opportunity to record 2 terabytes of movies instead of 1 terabyte). If you are only into 7200rpm models and want to have the highest storage capacity possible, you should just wait a little till the 2-terabyte Western Digital Caviar Black and the similar product from Hitachi hit the shops. By the way, Hitachi is the only maker that begins to produce HDDs larger than 1TB from full-speed models. Hitachi doesnt offer a power-efficient series. So, until weve got large and fast HDDs, it is just the proper time to have a comparative test session and see what todays high-capacity HDDs can offer. They are actually not so very slow, those modern 540 ...

Le nouveau livre de photos papier de FotoInsight est plus fin. 20090820

Paris, 20 août 2009 – Lapplication de livres photos la plus connue en Europe est maintenant également disponible pour Linux et Mac OS. Envers un nombre toujours grandissant de services de livres photos, FotoInsight accroît son avance technologique avec lintroduction de la version 4. 5 de FotoInsight Designer. Lapplication est disponible en téléchargement gratuit sur le site Web du service photos et peut créer la mise en page dun livre photos de 130 pages en moins de trois minutes. La nouvelle version du logiciel de commande ajoute les albums de photos développées sur des pages en papier photo épais et brillant. Les nouveaux styles des albums en papier photo, variant de 26 à 82 pages (par tranches de huit pages), sont disponibles uniquement avec le logiciel FotoInsight Designer. Dans le nouvel album en papier photo de FotoInsight, chaque page reste bien à plat FotoInsight déclare que la grosseur des livres disparaît avec les nouveaux albums en papier photo, car les pages restent bien à plat lorsque le livre est ouvert à 180 degrés. Une nouvelle technique de reliure est utilisée pour les pages des albums, plus épaisses que les pages des livres de photos CEWE. Cela permet aux pages dun album en papier photo ouvert de rester bien à plat, plutôt que de se courber ou sarquer au niveau de la reliure. Les pages plates facilitent la vue dimages sur une double page. Le directeur général de FotoInsight, Klaas Brumann, indique : « Les nouvelles pages plus épaisses des albums photos sont de qualité supérieure aux livres photos grand format traditionnels. Nous pensons que les nouveaux livres en papier photo vont être très demandés par les utilisateurs professionnels et pour les livres de photos de mariage ! ». Albums nouveaux sur papier photo : - Livre photos Galerie (21 x 21 cm) à partir de 29,95 €. - Livre photos Prestige paysage (28 x 21 cm). - Livre photos XL (30 x 30 cm). Mac OS et Linux aussi Compatible avec Windows XP, Linux et le système dexploitation Mac 10. 5 Leopard et supérieur, la version 4. 5 du logiciel FotoInsight Designer peut désormais être téléchargée à partir du site Web de FotoInsight. La version supérieure du logiciel po ...

Hi-Speed Chase: Corsair P128 vs. Three Intel SSDs.
Xbit 20080912

High-tech products usually pass a few typical stages of development on their way to conquering the market. First, there appear pilot and small-series samples in which the manufacturing technology is being polished off, the characteristic traits are being defined and various ideas, both lucky and not, are being tested. Next goes the period of maturing when product models change one another very quickly, their functionality constantly improving and their childhood diseases getting cured. And then goes the mature period proper. It is when the technology is developing at a slower rate, resulting in a steady improvement of key characteristics. It is during this period that the manufacturers come up with alternative technologies that might lead to new type products. The maturity will eventually transform into a decline, and it is very important not to miss this moment. All such processes go on very quick in the PC hardware industry and everyone can easily name a few examples of such cyclic development. This was the case with floppy diskettes and data CDs. The same goes for CPUs with their ever-changing architectures. And for the last couple of years we have been witnessing one more example of this cycle as a new product type – a Solid State Drive (SSD) – is coming to market. The newcomer is so aggressive that hard disk drives, although obviously at their prime now, are already not superior to it in some aspects. Early SSDs could only rival HDDs in a few parameters, but the latest SSD models with multi-channel controllers deliver such a high performance that not only the fastest of HDDs but even RAID arrays made out of them fail to equal!To be specific, early SSDs had the following indisputable advantages over HDDs:Much lower data access timeSpeed of reading randomly located data not much slower than that of reading sequentially located dataNo moving parts hence zero noiseHigh tolerance to vibrationsLow power consumptionThere were obvious downsides, though:High data storage costLow speed of sequential operations in comparison with HDDsLimited number of data write cycles in memory cellsThe first problem could only be solved by a reduction of the price of flash memory. Watching the chip prices constantly declining in the last year, many analysts were very optimistic about the possibility of SSDs to quickly win a large market share. However, in the first half of 2009 the price of flash memory chips wa ...

Ciscos Chambers Gets $2 Million Payout Despite Bad Year.
PC 20090905

Cisco Systems gave Chairman and CEO John Chambers a discretionary incentive payment of more than US$2 million for the companys 2009 fiscal year, despite the fact that net income fell nearly 24 percent from the previous year on sales that were down almost 9 percent. Chambers and four other top executives were not eligible for bonuses under Ciscos Executive Incentive Plan because the dominant networking vendor didnt meet the financial performance goals required for making those awards, according to a filing to the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday. However, Ciscos Compensation and Management Development Committee considered the companys solid financial performance during a period of tough economic challenges, and each individuals key role in driving operational excellence and strong profitability in making the discretionary payments, the filing said. The awards were much lower than the cash incentive payments given to each individual last fiscal year, the company noted. For the 2009 fiscal year ended July 25, Cisco earned $6. 1 billion, or $1. 05 per share, on net sales of $36. 1 billion. Chambers was awarded $2. ...

A la SGAE se le acaba el chollo, canon digital exigible.
The 20091001

A la SGAE se le acaba el chollo, canon digital exigiblepor : Jesús Maturana: 26 Sep 2009, 13:04 En un jugado de Sevilla ha tenido lugar la primera sentencia a favor de la devolución del canon de 4 CDs que fueron comprados para almacenar datos legales de juicios por parte de un abogado. Con ello se crea un antecedente para que cualquier persona que demuestre que el uso es personal y no para almacenar archivos con derechos de autor le sea devuelto el canon que tuvo que pagar durante la compra. La sentencia del Juzgado de lo Mercantil 1 de Sevilla ha conde ...

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