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Wheres USB 3. 0?.
PC 20091001

It seems as if weve been writing about USB 3. 0 forever, but it has really been only about two years since Intel and other parties formed a promotional group for USB 3. 0 in 2007. The spec was completed in November 2008, at which time the standards backers said that a glut of devices would hit the market late this year. Well, that statement turned out to be almost right: Devices are coming very soon, but the glut wont be until next year. A USB 3. 0 test and development setup from Texas Instruments. SuperSpeed USB (as USB 3. 0 is called) supports a maximum data rate of 4. 8 gigabits per second, compared with 480 megabits per second for Hi-Speed USB (USB 2. 0). That amounts to a theoretical maximum of 600 megabytes per second--its way faster than most hard drives, and its coming just in time for a wave of newer and speedier solid-state drives. To give you an idea of how fast that is, its the equivalent of moving almost one full CDs worth of data in 1 second. USB 3. 0 achieves those speeds with a new plug and cable format, but its all backward-compatible with USB 2. 0 and USB 1. 1. Plug in your old device, and it will still work (at the older speed). Plug a USB 3. 0 device into a USB 2. 0 port, and it will run at the slower speed. Whats more, the USB 3. 0 protocol is now full-duplex: Devices can send and retrieve data simultaneously, which wasnt true with USB 1. 1 and 2. 0. Lower operating voltages and the elimination of broadcasting and polling (methods that the previous USB standards used to communicate with all attached devices) should make USB hosts draw less power, but a higher maximum carried voltage should help you charge your portable devices more quickly. An early USB 3. 0 add-in card from Asus, using PCIe. It sounds great--and recently it seemed poised to make its debut. Asus was scheduled to ship the high-end P6X58 Premium motherboard with USB 3. 0 ports provided by NECs host controller (for the uninitiated, the traffic cop for external devices), but the company announced a slight delay. NECs host controller just obtained the first USB 3. 0 certification of any host on September 21, however, so that Asus board should see the light of day before long. A few more motherboards equipped with USB 3. 0, all using NECs host controller, should crop up later this year, and Fujitsu is close to releasing a laptop with USB 3. 0 ports. USB 3. 0 ports will become far more common on laptops and desktop PCs throughout ...

Tough Tech: Rugged Gear That Can Survive Almost Any Calamity.
PC 20080831


The Best Tech Deals of the Week.
PC 20080912


Study: Most Storage Devices To Use USB 3. 0 By 2012.
PC 20090923

Despite the first ever USB 3. 0 motherboard being delayed, the authors of a recent report think that our wait for Superspeed USB may be nearing an end. The backwards-compatible USB 3. 0 standard was established back in 2007. Its data transfer rates of up to 4. 8Gbit/second--compared to USB 2. 0s 480 Mbit/second maximum rate--makes it ideal for transferring large files quickly. According to research perfromed by In-Stat, over 70% of storage devices, such as external hard drives, flash drives and portable media players, would ...

Sony Adds Daily Reader Hardware to E-Book Line.
PC 20090829

The new Reader Daily edition hardware is priced at about $400 and will have connectivity through AT&T’s 3G mobile broadband ...

Prevent PC Meltdown.
PC 20090923

TechRepublics Jason Hiner has a post up with the provocative title How to Save the PC, including a reader petition aimed at Microsoft and Apple. From the name, I thought it involved a strategy for keeping traditional PCs relevant in an era of powerful phones and an almost-omnipresent Internet. But Jasons crusade is both less lofty and very sensible: He thinks that Windows and OS X should invisibly partition hard disks into separate sections for the operating system, user settings, and user documents and other data, thereby helping to shield irreplaceable stuff from damage and making it easier to get back up and running if you have an OS catastrophe. Makes sense to me. Ive always been surprised that operating-system companies in general havent put weigh more emphasis on features designed to protect data -- Time Machine, the flagship feature of Apples OS X 10. 5 Leopard being a notable exception. Microsoft has an amazingly long history of providing Windows backup apps that are unsatisfactory in one way or another: The one in Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vistas, but only the version in higher-end editions of Win 7 can back up to a network drive. Which seems a little like a car company cheaping out on the airbags in its least pricey cars. Its not just OS companies, though. I use Photoshop more than any traditional app that isnt a browser. The whole point of the program is to create ...

Play Music Off an External Drive.
PC 20090923

Daniel Shaughnessy wants iTunes and Windows Media Player to see the music on his external USB hard drive. This can be done, but there are two caveats: You have to tell these programs that a particular folder on the external drive should be part of their music library. And you have accept occasional error messages when the drive isnt plugged in and the program cant find the music you want to play. Heres how to add the appropriate folder to the library: In Windows Media Player 11, with ...

National Semis CEO Halla to Retire.
PC 20091010

National Semiconductor on Friday said that CEO Brian Halla will step down from the position, with the reigns being handed over to the current president and chief operating officer. Donald Macleod will assume the role of CEO starting on Nov. 30, when Halla will retire. Halla will remain National Semiconductors executive chairman. Macleod was appointed the companys president and COO in 2005. Halla said hed stay through the rainy season to make sure there are no leaks in the roof before retiring from the board of directors in May next year, when the companys fiscal year ends. The rainy season may refer to recent struggles at the company. National Semiconductor saw its sales drop in the first quarter of fiscal 2010. The companys sales were US$314 million, lower than sales of $466 million reported in last years first quarter. The company reported net income of $29. 8 million, or $0. 13 cents per share for the quarter ended Aug. 30, compared to $0. 33 per share in last years first quarter. Based in Santa Cl ...

Making Sense of the Snow Leopard Security Debate .
PC 20080831

Making Sense of the Snow Leopard Security Debate Latest BizFeed Posts: Monday, August 31, 2009 Making Sense of the Snow Leopard Security Debate Monday, August 31, 2009 Four Benefits of AMD's ‘Istanbul’ Six-Core Opteron Saturday, August 29, 2009 Snow Leopard Proves No Threat to Windows 7 Friday, August 28, 2009 FCC Probe Underscores Consumer Dependence on Wireless Industry Friday, August 28, 2009 iPhone in China Could Be Battle of the Bureaucracies All BizFeed Posts More Business Center Blogs Snow Leopard is out and users seem generally satisfied with the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system. The release hasnt been without some controversy though, part of which has been the debate over the malware protection features Apple included in Snow Leopard. The bottom line is that both sides of the debate are correct to some extent. The fact is that there are hundreds of thousands of threats and exploits circulating in the wild that target Windows and only a couple for the Mac. The threats that do exist for the Mac are almost more proof-of-concept just to show it can be done than actual attacks. That doesnt mean there is no reason to be concerned though. Apple is not perfect and the Mac operating system is not impervious. Charlie Miller owned a Macbook in a matter of minutes to claim the Pwn20wn contest prize at the Cansec West conference earlier this year. Granted, he exploited a flaw in the Safari web browser to accomplish the goal, but the bottom line is that there was nothing within the Mac operating system that prevented him from doing so. Without even starting a debate about whether Mac OS X is more or less than secure than Windows, lets just agree that it is not 100% secure. That is all that is relevant to the debate about whether or not Snow Leopard needs malware protection. Apple Mac OS X users are very proud of the perceived security of their operating system and theyre not shy about letting others know. Dont believe me? Just bring up any comparison of the Mac and Windows operating systems and count the seconds before someone points out the millions of viruses that plague Windows as some sort of validation that the Mac operating system is just inherently more secure. The other prevailing point of view though is that the lack of attacks against Mac OS X systems is a function of market share more than the security of the operati ...

Falls Most Promising Cameras.
PC 20090817


Backup Goes Peer-to-Peer.
PC 20090926

I’m still in the audience at the DEMOFall conference, and still taking in demonstrations of new products and services. One of the cooler ideas this morning is Symform, a small-business remote-backup service. Technically, it’s utterly unlike services such as Mozy and Carbonite: Those services store everything in massive server farms, but Symform is farm-freeâ€it uses peer-to-peer technology to store backups on the PCs of other Symform users. If you wanna back up 10GB of data, for instance, you agree to devote 10GB of disk space to other folks’ backupsâ€and to leave your computer on 80 percent of the time. Does that sound like it involves big questions about availability and security? Well, a lot of obstacles leaped to mind as I heard the Symform people explain what they’d come up with. But they say that they break everything up into tiny chunks, encrypt it, and distribute it among multiple computers in a redundant fashionâ€in theory, at least, your data will be protected from snooping eyes (such as those of the people whose computers store it) and will be there when you need it. It’s kind of like a private, secure BitTorrent for your own data; I’m still wrestling with the whole concept of storing confidential data on the computers of random strangers, but ...

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